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GymNews - 25 octombrie 2014

Larisa Iordache, dubla vicecampioana mondiala anul acesta la Nanning, este protagonista unui frumos material realizat de CNN care o numeste “Noua Nadia Comaneci” (articol integral).

Podium individual compus - Larisa Iordaches, Simone Biles (USA), Kyla Ross (USA) via 45th FIG Artistic Gymnastics World Championships

Ambele echipe nationale ale Romaniei au obtinut calificarea la Campionatul Mondial de anul viitor de la Glasgow, competitie ce va hotari primele 8 natiuni calificate la Jocurile Olimpice de la Rio (2016). Delegatia Romaniei s-a intors acasa cu 2 medalii de argint in palmares, ambele cucerite de Larisa Iordache - una la individual compus si una la sol. La revenirea acasa a delegatiilor Adrian Stoica, presedintele Federatiei Romane de Gimnastica, s-a declarat multumit de medalii si a anuntat numirea cat mai rapida a noii conduceri tehnice a lotului feminin (sursa).

Octavian Bellu a declarat la festivitatea organizata pentru echipa nationala de gimnastica la Ministerul Tineretului si Sportului ca obiectivul pentru Jocurile Olimpice de la Rio ramane mentinerea pe podium in competitia pe echipe. “Deocamdata o avem pe Larisa si un grup de fetite care incearca sa faca mare performan?ta Larisa sa fie sanatoasa in acest an si jumatate si sa creasca acolo unde mai este nevoie, insa trebuie sa ai minim doua varfuri. Bulimar ar fi o varianta, revine, are si ea o perioada in care poate creste din punct de vedere valoric (…). Cred ca ea poate fi folosita pe paralele, barna si sol. Este tanara, este montata sa isi revina, a vazut ca este nevoie de ea, insa eu astept foarte mult de la celelalte, pentru ca sunt copii care pot creste valoric, pot obtine note mai mari la executie“, a completat antrenorul (sursa).

Lotul national feminin la intoarcerea in tara (c)

Dupa revenirea in tara Larisa si antrenorul Lucian Sandu au participat la diferite emisiuni vorbind despre recent incheiatele Campionate Mondiale, despre nivelul actual de pregatire al fetelor din lot si problemele existente si despre viitorul staf tehnic de la Izvorani (Emisiune Radio Romania Actualitati si Ieri, Azi, Maine moderata de Alina Alexoi).

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10 Reasons Why To Love Larisa after Nanning

The World Gymnastics Championships just ended in Nanning and all I can say is this: “We are so lucky to live in Larisa Iordache’s era!” I feel like when my parents had the opportunity to watch Nadia, except that now Lari has so much more energy and she is so much more dynamic”. Here are my 10 reasons why I am so in love with Larisa and her gymnastics:

1. She is the best balance between difficulty, artistry and joy out there. She posted the greatest total difficulty score of the competition (5.8 vault, 6.3 bars, 6.3 beam and 6.5 floor = 24.9 in total). However, her leaps are beautiful and very high and then photos like this emerge to the gymternet.

Remember, she had the greatest difficulty score in the All Around competition…and she still can do this?

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Things I have learned at the 2014 Worlds (2)

#2 - don’t be sure of your medal, Mustafina is yet to compete

Ooops, I did it again!

I am pretty sure Aly Raisman and Vanessa Ferrari know what is like to compete against Mustafina and her charm, or should I say luck? Mustafina stroke again in Nanning. Not only she won a medal without fulfilling the acrobatic requirement on beam, but she also got a surprisingly bronze medal on floor. Her reaction to the result was priceless, but also funny. I really enjoyed it and was happy for her. On the other hand we saw Skinner shedding tears, just a few moments after she was all smiles at the end of her routine.  Did she think her medal is a lock? Who knows….

The battle for bronze was also a battle between the acrobatic part (Skinner and her layout double-double) and the artistic one (Mustafina and her pirouettes, especially her triple turn with leg up). The artistic routine won the battle, which is not bad I would say.

See you tomorrow. The 3rd thing I learned at Worlds is about a legend.

Photo source: Rewriting Russian Gymnastics (Facebook)


Adrian Stoica: “we hoped for a medal in the team competition”

Via Agerpres

The Head of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, Adrian Stoica, stated that he is satisfied with the two silver medals, but he regrets the fact that the WAG team did not win the bronze medal in the final.

In the team competition, we hoped for a medal taking into consideration the fact that Romania is the reigning European Champion. Literally, right in front of us there was Russia - a team that could have been beaten. From my point of view, it’s all about the lack of experience. We had some girls who competed for the first time in their life at a World Championship, in front of 12.000 people. That is why we have to start competing more. Sometimes we focus only on training, but taking part in competitions is also a part of the mix.

He has also added that the technical staff of the Romanian WAG team will be soon decided: “I think we will reach a decision in a short time. We will talk with all the people  involved in this activity and we will try to find the best solution.

Photo: Agerpres.


Things I have learned at the 2014 Worlds (1)

#1 - The fighting spirit of the Romanian team, no matter what happens.

I think we already should have learned this, but its never too late, right? Never, but never count Romania out in a competition. After the nightmare they faced in the qualification round, when they were close to miss the team-final, they came back the next day, fighting in such an inspiring way that I was really blown way. The podium was near, but in the same time far.

Anyway, the most important thing is that they competed with passion and determination. They believed in their chances and that’s an aspect that can make a difference, not only in gymnastics.

So proud of them! Good job, girls! Good job, coaches! Now, get back in the gym and work those bars! Kidding, I still love and appreciate you, with or without bars. I have faith that you are going to do all that is possible to solve the liabilities we have as a team.

See you tomorrow with the 2nd thing I have learned last week.

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