American Cup and Nadia Comaneci International Invitational 2009

Last night the American Cup and the Nadia Comaneci International took place. Both competitions finished with reasonably good results for the Romanians, certainly promising for the important competitions yet to come this year. 

At the American Cup we were represented, as mentioned in one of our previous articles, by the 15 year-old Amelia Racea in the WAG competition and by the 24 year-old Adrian Bucur in the MAG competition. Leaving aside the fact that we couldn’t watch much of their evolutions, from the final results and the little we could see, Amelia and Adrian did well, especially taking into account that they are quite inexperienced with participating in competitions in the US (and you know what I mean by that). They showed good consistency, except for a fall of Amelia at UB and an assumed fall of Adrian at PB. Hereby the final results and two of Amelia’s routines:

1. Jordyn Wieber (USA): 60.200 
2. Bridget Sloan (USA): 59.600 
3. Kim Bui (GER): 56.000 
4. Rebecca Downie (GBR): 55.600 
5. Amelia Racea (ROU): 55.150

1. Fabian Hambuechen (GER): 90.650 
2. David Sender (USA): 90.450 
3. Joey Hagerty (USA): 89.550 
4. Koji Uematsu (JPN): 89.350 
5. Benoit Caranobe (FRA): 88.650 
6. Yury Ryazanov (RUS): 86.900 
7. Adrian Bucur (ROU): 84.250

Amelia – FX 14.200
Amelia – UB 12.500


At the Nadia Comaneci International Invitational we were represented by the Olympic floor champion Sandra Izbasa and by Dana Druncea. Sandra Izbasa had a very clean FX execution, but quite weak UB routine and a BB routine with quite a few wobbles. However, it is clear now that she added a few new elements to her routines and that she is training to compete on the AA at the Europeans. Let’s hope she’ll clean up her routines by then. Dana Druncea, except for a bad landing of her vault (she put the hand down), was pretty consistent, the same gymnast who the team can always count on. Sandra finished the AA competition first, while Dana ended up the third. Sandra also won the vault final (14.400), the floor final (15.050) and the beam final (14.100). Dana won the silver medal both on floor and vault, with the same score: 14.000. Hereby some of the final results and a few routines: 

Team Competition 
1. Romania 108.900 
2. Ukraine 107.100 
3. Israel 104.100 
4. Krafft Academy 99.300 
5. Japan/Kazakhstan 99.250 
6. Russia 98.150  
7. Mexico 96.250

1. Sandra Izbasa (ROU) 55.550 
2. Yana Demyanchuk (UKR) 54.450  
3. Daniela Druncea (ROU) 53.350 
4. Roni Rabinovitz (ISR) 52.650  
5. Hazuki Tazoe (JPN) 49.950  
6. Tali Liak (ISR) 49.900  
7. Brittany Harris (USA) 49.750  
8. Madison Mooring (USA) 48.800  
9. Naama Bernstain (ISR) 48.650  
10. Victoria Harrison (USA) 46.600 

All the results can be found here

Sandra – FX 15.050
Sandra – BB 14.100
Sandra – UB 12.000
Sandra – VT 14.400 

Dana – FX 14.000
Dana – VT 14.000
Dana – UB 12.400
Dana – BB 14.000


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