The Romanian girls before the 2011 European Championships

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Amelia Racea, Ana Porgras and Diana Chelaru cannot wait to compete in the European Championships in Berlin (which will take place April 6-10).
European beam champion, World beam champion and silver medalist on floor, all want to conquer the World and Europe again through their exercises. Amelia Racea, Ana Porgras and Diana Chelaru will go to Berlin with their luggage full of hopes and dreams in form of medals. It’s a new competition with many emotions for the Romanian gymnasts.

After the World Championships in Rotterdam, Diana Chelaru said that the difficulty of the exercises must be increased. After 4 months, she says that for now there is room for improvement, “I increased my difficulty on the uneven bars a little, I tried to improve my vaults, I didn’t achieve this they way that I wanted to, but I hope that at the World Championships everything will be in order. I am maintaining myself until then. I have the same floor exercise as the one at the World championships last year”, said world silver medalist Diana Chelaru. When asked how is she feeling, she says that she isn’t very satisfied, “there are still some falls and errors and I can’t say I am proud of this because this would mean that this is the best I can do, but I am aware that I can do much better than this. I hope there are no more injuries”, she added.

In 2010 surprised everyone by winning the gold medal at the European championships last year, after one year she is prepared to defend her title, “I am more prepared and have more belief in myself. I would like it from all my heart if I could win another gold medal”. She seems that she is best prepared on the beam, and even though she wants a medal on this apparatus, at the same time she wants a distinction in the all-around competition.

At the French Internationals, Ana Porgras fell from the beam, an apparatus which brought her a lot of happiness in 2010, “I have moved on from what happened in Paris. All the competitions take place weather they are good or bad”, she said. She knew that it was just a mistake. “I am going with the same routines I competed at the world championships, without risking anything. Until the World Championships this year there is still time to improve selected elements”.

Saturday, Amelia Racea, Ana Porgras, Diana Chelaru and Sandra Izbasa will leave for Berlin. The first three gymnasts will compete on all four apparatus in the qualification round, but Izbasa only on floor, vault and beam.


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