[Survey] Romanian artistic gymnastics

Artistic Gymnastics is undoubtedly the Olympic sport with the largest number of medals in Romanian history. The Romanian delegation returned from this year’s World Championships without any medal. Where is the problem? Must something change? Can we, as simple fans, help out?

Fangymnastics Blog and Romanian Gymnastics Fans Facebook page would need your opinion in their effort to develop a program supporting Romanian gymnastics. If you would like to lend us a hand in this new journey we are starting, please take this survey and share it with your friends.

The survey can be found here.

Thank you!!!

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  1. Hi Romania Gymnastics,

    I’m Deaf & my name is Ronald Lee Scoles
    And Nickname:
    And I’m Karolyi’s Gymnastics.

    From Wikipedia, the free Encylopedias:

    Ronald Lee Scoles is an american Gymnast, She is the Gold all-around world Champion and The Gold all-around U.S. National Champion. Ronald Lee Scoles & Rlsgymnast was a member of The Gold medal Karolyi’s Gymnastics Team at The 1976 Olympic.

    By Ronald L Scoles
    Karolyi’s gymnastics

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