Sad news: Ana Porgras retires

An interview with Ana Porgras about her retirement, via Prosport:

Prosport: Ana, how are you?

Ana: I’m fine, at home with my sister.

Prosport: With or without gymnastics?

Ana: Without. I retired from gymnastics.

Prosport: Why did you make this decision?

Ana: I had my reasons and I would like not to speak about them. But I reached one point where I felt I couldn’t do it anymore. There were many injuries, I was feeling tired. And after the last elbow injury from December I realized I can’t do it anymore.

Prosport: There was no info about the elbow injury…

Ana: At the beginning of December I was training on vault and while I was performing a round-off my hand just snapped. I went to the doctor and he told me it’s a left elbow fracture. I had to use a cast..

Prosport: Were you already thinking about retiring?

Ana: Yes, but I was not 100% decided. The doctor said I could train, but my hand was still hurting. After we came back from France I realized I could not go on anymore.

Prosport: Your sister and your mum…what are they saying?

Ana: Everybody talked with me and tried to make me change my mind. Even Mr. Stoica and Mrs. Grigoras talked with me, but my decision is final.

Prosport:How is life without gymnastics?

Ana: I don’t know yet. At the moment I’m ok, I started school here in Barlad, where I live with my sister.

Prosport:Don’t you feel sorry about the decision?

Ana: No, I don’t regret I retired. Life goes on.

Prosport:But there were other comebacks….

Ana: From the moment I made this decision there is no turning back. I said stop and I’m not coming back.

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