Quote of the year: “Romania wins!” Part one

Great news from Brussels: Romania won the team European gold last night, at the end of a wonderful competition! As Brigid said on “The Couch Gymnast” page: “It sounds like the start of a joke. What do you get when you cross a senior citizen, an injury-addled Olympian, a wunderkind, a quiet achiever and a nervous little wreck? Well, it seems you get a European Championship team title.”

However, it’s not a joke…the Romanian team is back in the game, with more power, more ambition and more stamina than ever. And they have the two magicien coaches around the girls during the competition, as it happened back in the good days.

The five girls who brought the team gold home last night were:

Diana Bulimar, a wonderful and valuable member of the team, who nailed her floor routine and did a great job on beam and bars. I love how she fights, I love the passion she has when encouraging the other girls during the competition and I love her smile on floor. I’ve been waiting so much for this Diana Bulimar – the one who almost nails her beam routine!!!

Larisa Iordache, the wonderkid – everything looks so simple when performed by Larisa, she has potential, she has ambition, she is confident, she has the skills, she has everything to be a fierce competitor. All she needs is experience, but I’m sure she will have it by London. She is everywhere in this team, she can do almost anything, she is too great, honestly. I would so much like to see her reach 100% potential at least once in her gymnastics life. And I definitely hope she will stay on until 2016…she has too much to show and I’m not sure she will show everything in London.

Sandra Izbasa, the best vaulter of the team at the moment! Even if she only performed on vault last night, she did it almost perfectly, especially considering her recent injuries. But what is more important is that I saw her supporting the girls and surprisingly being close to Catalina Ponor. It’s very clear for me: Sandra, Catalina, Larisa and Didi are the most fierce competitors our team could have!

Raluca Haidu – she wasn’t perfect last night, but she just did her job. She surprisingly did her job and showed the coaches that she deserves that gold as much as the other girls do. She was cheering, she was there for her team mates – wonderful team player.

Catalina Ponor – I had the feeling that these Europeans were all about Catalina…she IS definitely wonderful, with a great beam routine after the Larisa’s mistake, with a great DTY and a great floor routine. She was a leader, together with Sandra. She was the Catalina we all remember from 2004. She is so surprising that I cannot help wondering what is she going to surprise us with next.

Diana Chelaru – she was so close to get into this team! She missed it this time, but she was in the stands supporting her team, she was there for them and she was what she always is: part of this team.

And then – there are the coaches and their magic. It was the first time the B&B couple stepped in the arena with the girls. They are the power of this team, they are the definitely the best couches in the world. They are technical coaches, they are managers, they are psycologists, they are parents and they are team setters. This is why they are so good. This was the first time since 2004 that I saw a TEAM there, and not only a bunch of girls going to do their job as fast as they could. That was a TEAM winning the TEAM european title. This is the most important thing!

All that happened last night was a moment that Romanian fans have waited since 2008, it was a fight that Romanian fans have been waiting to see since 2004 and it is a hope for the fight the Romanian fans are waiting to see in less than 100 days.

Let’s do it, Romania!!!!



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