#VintaGymnastics – Vera Caslavska

How can I describe the distinguished Vera? The gymnast  who competed at three Olympics,  won seven Olympic gold medals, received two scores of 10 at  the 1967 European Championships, trained with potato sacks and logs replacing beams during the Soviet invasion of  Czechoslovakia or protested the Olympic judging panel by turning head during the Soviet anthem.

(Photo: GymnasticsLegends)

Vera and Larissa Latynina are the only gymnasts to  win the all-around gold medal at two consecutive Olympics. Her exercises mesmerize even now, provided that apparatuses were a lot sturdier back then  and what impresses more about Vera is that she could adapt to circumstances, fighting trough adversities while staying true to herself and her country. That is what champions do: they continue to deliver results under duress.

Resources: Wikipedia & Youtube channels (link & link)

P.S. Until next time, keep calm, stay vintage!


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