#VintaGymnastics – Nadia Comaneci

I must confess, I was deferring this article for a while… I mean, we gymnastics aficionados have so many favorite gymnasts from all decades and countries. We could be in awe and discuss indefinitely the perfect handstand, pointed toes, choreography, posture, leotards, music choice, the hottest elements, all the little things that could make legends. How many hours, days, nights did we lose discussing, commenting, arguing, travelling  to gymnastics events? There is no denial that gymnastics is a difficult sport to comprehend: imagine explaining elements, starting values, deductions to your parents. And  the never-ending  rule changing doesn’t help either. So we agree: you need a strong stomach and head to call yourself a true gymnastics fan.

And then there was SHE. Judge, coach, parent, it didn’t matter. She didn’t need a code to make herself understood. it was all there: grace, difficulty, attitude, charm. Oh, and the smile. The gorgeous smile when she saluted. I will not bore you with all the Wikipedia details because qui prodest? We all know what SHE accomplished. So today only some videos to remember the goddess.

PS: Vintage day is the best day!


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