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A new comeback, a new reign – Aliya Mustafina 2018

Let’s cut it short from the start! She is back and not just playing around, but killing it. Don’t tell me you are surprised because I am not going to believe you! Yes, we are talking about Aliya Mustafina! The

A change has come over the Romanian WAG team

Romania did not have a women team at the Olympics for the first time in more than 40 years, after failing to qualify for Rio at the 2015 World Championships and also at the 2016 Olympic Test. Okay, so the

#Glasgow2015 – The Gymternet on the Romanian meltdown

Other words would probably be in vain. The Gymternet speaks for itself. No one would have ever imagined Romania to face such a complete meltdown. The signs were there, agreed.  Last year it was also a close call, but still….

#Glasgow2015 – Surfing on the Gymternet – Podium Training Day 2

Here you have the 2nd day of competition round-up at the 2015 World Championships. It was all about the US WAG team. The question on everyone’s mind – “who is going to be the alternate?” Social media’s favourite, to be a part of

#Glasgow2015 – Surfing on the Gymternet – Podium Training Day 1

Every tweet or instagram photo may tell a story. And trust me, the gymternet is a great source of these kind of great and funny moments. Following the official hashtag of this year’s Worlds, #Glasgow2015, we have tried to bring

5 things about the 2015 Romanian Nationals

1.Denisa Golgota was definitely one of the nicest surprises of this year’s Romanian Nationals. The 2002 born junior won the vault final with style, showing great potential on this event. Even Mariana Bitang said that she would be capable of