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5 facts why Mustafina missing this year’s Worlds is quite a thing


Lately, there were several rumors regarding Aliya Mustafina, if she is going to attend this year’s Worlds or not. Eventually, Valentina Rodionenko and later Mustafina herself confirmed that she will not be a part of the Russian World team. The

Things I have learned at the 2014 Worlds (2)

#2 – don’t be sure of your medal, Mustafina is yet to compete Ooops, I did it again! I am pretty sure Aly Raisman and Vanessa Ferrari know what is like to compete against Mustafina and her charm, or should

Adrian Stoica: “we hoped for a medal in the team competition”

Via Agerpres The Head of the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, Adrian Stoica, stated that he is satisfied with the two silver medals, but he regrets the fact that the WAG team did not win the bronze medal in the final. “In

Things I have learned at the 2014 Worlds (1)

#1 – The fighting spirit of the Romanian team, no matter what happens. I think we already should have learned this, but its never too late, right? Never, but never count Romania out in a competition. After the nightmare they

Larisa Iordache and Andrei Muntean dominated while the Romanian teams came in 2nd

First of all, I would like to thank The Couch Gymnast for their amazing work: real time information, results and priceless videos. Please check their Facebook page | Website. The Nanning World Championships are just around the corner and everyone

5 things we learned at the 2014 Romanian Nationals

Podium Ceremony – Balance Beam  (c) 1) There is  hope on the men’s side, but Rio 2016 still seems to be an impossible mission for the team coordinated by Ioan Suciu. Anyway, things are looking a little bit better, thanks to Andrei