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5 things about the 2015 Romanian Nationals

1.Denisa Golgota was definitely one of the nicest surprises of this year’s Romanian Nationals. The 2002 born junior won the vault final with style, showing great potential on this event. Even Mariana Bitang said that she would be capable of

5 things we learned at the 2014 Romanian Nationals

Podium Ceremony – Balance Beam  (c)RomGym.ro 1) There is  hope on the men’s side, but Rio 2016 still seems to be an impossible mission for the team coordinated by Ioan Suciu. Anyway, things are looking a little bit better, thanks to Andrei

[2012 Romanian Juniors Nationals] Top 5 – Floor

1. Asiana Peng 2. Olivia Cimpian 3. Diana Teodoru 4. Diana Damian 5. Corina Gaianu Special mentions: Denisa Florea, Carmen Glavan and Stefania Carauleanu Anna

Romanian Nationals Buzau 2009 – Senior competition

The Romanian women’s artistic gymnastics, in decline, as well-known, showed in Buzau its best at this moment. The results on paper, the lower technical level, the falls, the nervousness and the tension of the competition have only stressed the idea

Romanian Junior Nationals 2008

The Romanian Junior Nationals (WAG) are going to take place this year in Deva. The participating categories are III (11-12 years old), II (13-14 years old) and I (14-15 years old). It is expected to be quite a nice competition,