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Dana Andrei @ The Medal Factory: “I want to make the team with all my heart”

TRANSLATION: Andreea Raducan: Diana, you´ve just come back from the American Cup but you are down with the flu now. Are you happy with your performance there? Diana Chelaru: I´m not very happy, I didn´t do my routines the way

The Medal Factory – “If in the USA you have hundreds of gymnastics clubs, in Romania you only find less than 30”

The CSS 2 Bucharest gym is in a central area of Bucharest, less than 100m from Obor Station so many people could bring their kids here to do gymnastics. Clubul Sportiv Scolar nr. 2 Str Ferdinand I, Nr. 141, Sector

The Medal Factory – 22.10.2011

The Medal Factory – (c) DigiSport Tv TRANSLATION Catalina Ponor: “I’m not thinking about the 4 year gap in training, what I need to do is to be consistent and work even harder” Adrian Stoica: I can´t say we´ve very

The Medal Factory (15.10.2011) – “Romania needed a star and this is exactly what Ponor is”

The Medal Factory (translation): Ana Porgras: It was difficult for me to get myself together. Diana Chelaru: I can´t say I´m happy with myself, I could have done better. Lucian Sandu: We still have problems. Adrian Stoica: Romania is not

The 2011 Romanian Nationals @ The Medal Factory Ep.16

[The Medal Factory – episode 16 (c) DigiSport] TRANSLATION Dana Andrei: “I will never regret doing gymnastics” Raluca Haidu was born in Petrosani on the 20th of November, 1994. Her dad took her to do gymnastics at the “Cetate Deva”

The 2011 Romanian Nationals @ The Medal Factory Ep.15

[The Medal Factory – episode 15 (c) DigiSport] TRANSLATION Cristi Moldovan:“As a gymnast, the power is in your hands. As a coach, when you get to the competition your work is over. Only the gymnast can show what she has