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[Review] The 2013 – 2016 Code of Points in WAG

“An artistic performance is one in which the gymnast demonstrates her ability to transform the exercise from a well constructed composition into a performance. In so doing the gymnast must demonstrate creativity, confidence of performance, personal style and perfect technique.

Breaking news! A Cheng and an Amanar for the Romanians

Only 24 days till the Olympics and you definitely know the following words “never count Romania out“. Larisa Iordache is training an Amanar and Sandra Izbasa a Cheng! Check the video: Any thoughts?

Sandra Izbasa’s new vault

Sandra Izbasa is working on a new vault. Actually she upgraded her layout Podkopayeva to a round off flic-flac with 1/2 turn on – stretched salto forward with 1/1 turn (6.1 difficulty score). With this vault and with her double

From Lavinia Milosovici to Sandra Izbasa…20 years with Oksana Chusovitina

In 1991 there was Lavinia Milosovici. She won the World title on vault. Today (in 2011) we have another Romanian who won the European Title on vault – Sandra Izbasa. 20 Years, but the silver medalist is the same…and her

A new vault for Sandra Izbasa

Tonight, in a TV reportage shown on TVR, we could watch Sandra Izbasa training her new vault: a round-off, flick with 1/2 turn on – stretched salto forward with 1/2 turn off (5.6 D score). So, with this vault and