Prosport: An interview with Mariana Bitang

From Prosport:

In two days, the women’s gymnastics team will go to Rotterdam, where the preparations for the World Championships will commence. On the last step, at the Izvorani training centre, the last few details are being worked on. Mariana Bitang talked about the expectations from this competition from Holland, surprisingly not joining the girls at the championships.

– Are you going to the World Championships?
No. Even from the beginning when we were asked to help, taking into account the short time the girls have had with us, we said that it is best that they are lead by the coaches they have spent more training time with.

– Is Mr. Belu going to remain home as well?
He will join the team, but will not be in the competition area because only three coaches are allowed in the competition area. During this time I will make a selection, from the junior girls, in order to complete the team which will start preparations for the Olympic Games in London 2012.

– What did the girls say when they heard the news?
We didn’t talk about this. They must respond to the instructions of every coach. I don’t agree about a gymnast being dependent of a coach or another. They must go and do their job.

– Have the girls improved since the National Championships?
This will be seen in competition because not even the competitions at home don’t have big importance. I hope the girls will get it together and I hope that they wish as much as us coaches do.

– Will Racea be able to compete?
She had a slight back injury which took her out of training for a few days and we hope that until the start of the competition, she will be 100% healthy. Ama has come back steadily to training for 2 days, but it is fortunate that nothing hurts her anymore and I hope she can help the team.

– What is the goal for Rotterdam?
In one and half months of technical practice, which followed the recuperation period in which half of the gymnasts were in casts, you can’t expect high results. We are in a positive phase because all of them are working hardand we are trying to build a competitive team. We must have patience because at this moment, this is as much as we can do.

For me, honestly, not even the results from 2011 will matter, but we must have a competitive team for 2012.” (Mariana Bitang)



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