Octavian Bellu speaks about Izbasa and Iordache

In an interview for Agerpres, the Romanian National News Agency, Octavian Bellu spoke about the future of Sandra Izbasa and Larisa Iordache. Here is what he said:

Agerpres: If Sandra Izbasa eventually  decides to retire, is Larisa Iodache going to be the next leader of the Olympic Team? Can she handle such a challenge?

Octavian Bellu: I think she can, but it will be hard all by herself. First of all she has to manage next year’s individual competitions, where she can deliver a good perfomance. 2013 will be a transition year, but starting with 2014 she may become the leader of the team. She has to improve and to increase her difficulty on each event and also fight for the all around. But the most important thing for her is to be healthy.

Agerpres: What do you think about Sandra Izbasa? Does she have a chance to compete in Rio?

Octavian Bellu:
Whatever Sandra decides, she is mature enough to know her own goals. We told her she has all the qualities to continue, but it’s understandable if she wants to retire. It’s a bit hard to suppose something because we haven’t had yet a gymnast competing at three Olympic Games. I told her that if she wants to become the first Romanian female gymnast who competes in three different Olympics, then she has all she needs to make that possible.


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