Women artistic gymnastics in 2012 – the best routine on each apparatus

2013 is just around the corner, but we shouldn’t forget the fact that 2012 was an incredible year for artistic gymnastics. It was the year of the London Olympics, where many dreams came true for the most of the gymnasts. We had the opportunity to witness some amazing routines, that will definitely be remembered many years from now on. Here are the best WAG routines of 2012, from my point of view.

VAULTMcKayla Maroney (video)

For me, Maroney’s vault was perfect. That’s definitely the best Amanar we have ever seen. Amazing repulsion from the table, impressive height, great form and perfect landing. I can’t name another routine that was so close to get a 10 for execution, under the current code of points.

UNEVEN BARS – Aliya Mustafina (video)

All I can say is…I told you so. A well deserved gold medal for the Russian champion. My favorite UB routine from the entire Olympic cycle and I was proud of Musty. This routine was Aliya’s ace for the entire competition, taking into consideration it was the main reason why she won the bronze medal in the All Around final. A routine for a gold medal, a routine for breaking a tie and great asset for the Russian team.

BALANCE BEAM – Catalina Ponor (video)

No one can rock that beam like Catalina Ponor. I picked her beam from the team final just because it was an amazing routine. Nothing more to say. I love how she controls the beam and the way she attacks every element, making no compromise.

FLOOR Sandra Izbasa & Viktoria Komova (video & video)

Well, I’m not going to break this tie. Pink Floyd and Queen – two legendary bands for two great champions of our beloved sport. Sandra delivered a great performace, full of elegance and style, showing us how much she had matured since her Olympic victory from Beijing. On the other side we could feel Vika’s determination, fighting for that All Around Olympic title. She put everything she had in that performance. Great effort, no matter the result!

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2 Responses to Women artistic gymnastics in 2012 – the best routine on each apparatus

  1. Kristin says:

    I agree with the picks here. Vika’s floor routine from the all-around was definitely amazing, the best she’s ever done. If that had been the floor final, it would have matched Ponor’s score and given her a medal!

  2. AJ says:

    De acord. Imi pare rau de Cata, ca nu a luat a doua medalie olimpica la barna. Cred ca si ea a ramas cu regretul asta dupa Londra.

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