2013 Romanian Gymnastics News #1

Larisa Iordache
Larisa Iordache @ 2012 American Cup

According to the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, Larisa Iordache will be competing at the 2013 American Cup. The official roster published few days ago raised some doubts on the gymternet regarding Larisa’s chances of competing in Worcester, but now I think it’s pretty clear she will be there (unless something happens).

Raluca Haidu, the 2012 European Champion with the Romanian team, is not a member of the National team anymore. A local newspaper from Deva, Mesagerul Hunedorean, revealed that she left the team and went back to Deva.

From the same article we found out the first results of the Selection Camp from Izvorani. It looks like Andreea Munteanu (1998), Stefania Stanila (1997), Ana Maria Ocolisan (1997), Andreea Iridon (1999), Asiana Peng (2000) and Madalina Blendea (1999) are the ones who will move to Izvorani in order to train with the Senior Team. But the camp will last till the end of the month, even though it was supposed to end yesterday, so things are not decided yet.

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