Andreea Raducan launches the English version of her book – “The Other side of the Medal”

The Other side of the Medal - Andreea RaducanAndreea Raducan, Romania’s gymnastics star and role model, launches in Las Vegas “The Other Side of the Medal” – story of one of the most disputed controversies in gymnastics history.

13 years ago, during the Sydney Olympic Games, the whole world was debating about one of the biggest controversies in gymnastics history. Andreea Raducan, the multiple World and Olympic Champion, was stripped of her AA Olympic gold medal after testing positive for pseudoephedrine, a substance that she had been given in a cold medicine, provided by the team doctor.

Visibly tired and bewildered after four sleepless nights and barely able to see over her microphone, a wonderful child had to confront the world’s media am proclaim her innocence.

My whole life I dreamed of coming to the Olympics and winning a medal. I did that. Then I lost that medal, but in my soul I know it was mine.” said the little girl weighing around 80 lbs and standing just 4ft 11ins, winning over the world’s sympathy.

That was the moment that changed us all and wrote a remarkable chapter in Olympic history. A girl that dedicated her life to her passion, a girl that won it all and lost it, but carried on learning and teaching the lesson that she learned: “never defeated, always passionate!

“Never stop just because you feel defeated. If 90 seconds, the time of an Olympic exercise, has the power to give you worldwide success, only a certain amount of time will cure the disappointment of the loss and bring back the excitement and memories of the journey.” These were the words that motivated and help Andreea through one of the most incredible moments in the history of the Olympic Games: the dream of an extraordinary Olympic Champion shattered by a common cold remedy.

Today, the Sydney Gold Champion understands the meaning of her past and launches “The Other Side of the Medal“, the true story of her Olympic experience, her loss and real success.

If you are in Las Vegas, you can meet Andreea and hear more about her amazing story and vision. Join her on January 19th at 12pm at South Point Hotel (Las Vegas).

Photo source: Andreea Raducan’s official Facebook page

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