Things I have learned at the 2014 Worlds (1)

#1 – The fighting spirit of the Romanian team, no matter what happens.

I think we already should have learned this, but its never too late, right? Never, but never count Romania out in a competition. After the nightmare they faced in the qualification round, when they were close to miss the team-final, they came back the next day, fighting in such an inspiring way that I was really blown way. The podium was near, but in the same time far.

Anyway, the most important thing is that they competed with passion and determination. They believed in their chances and that’s an aspect that can make a difference, not only in gymnastics.

So proud of them! Good job, girls! Good job, coaches! Now, get back in the gym and work those bars! Kidding, I still love and appreciate you, with or without bars. I have faith that you are going to do all that is possible to solve the liabilities we have as a team.

See you tomorrow with the 2nd thing I have learned last week.

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