#Glasgow2015 – Surfing on the Gymternet – Podium Training Day 2

Here you have the 2nd day of competition round-up at the 2015 World Championships. It was all about the US WAG team. The question on everyone’s mind – “who is going to be the alternate?”

Social media’s favourite, to be a part of the team, is definitely Brenna Dowell, her name being the one that came the most in people’s posts/tweets. But in the end, it will be Martha’s choice, as usual.

The selections of tweets and insta-posts, as it follows:

  • Not under, but on the podum, Laura! 🙂

Laura Jurca, ROU being adorable under the medal podium. Wouldn't you rather be on top of it? #Glasgow2015

A photo posted by Inside Gymnastics (@insidegym) on

  • Spinning like a Dutch 🙂

  • No cheating 🙂

  • Chuso, may the Force (aka the Produnova) be with you

  • Power versus Grace

  • The effect of a good podium training.

  • #TeamBrenna is so ON:

  • Whoa-whoa here, whoa-whoa there…..just Martha 🙂



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