A new comeback, a new reign – Aliya Mustafina 2018

Let’s cut it short from the start! She is back and not just playing around, but killing it. Don’t tell me you are surprised because I am not going to believe you! Yes, we are talking about Aliya Mustafina! The Russian gymnastics superstar marked her competitive comeback today, at the Russian Nationals, just a few months after she gave birth to her baby. Is there anything she can’t do? 🙂

The two-time Olympic Champion showed a high level of gymnastics, both in terms of difficulty and execution and, taking into consideration that we are just at the beginning of the competitive season, when you look at her, you may say she has never put gymnastics on hold, in these almost two years of break.

Other videos – floor | beam.


Yes, we can notice that her routines seem a little bit labored, but come on…we all know she is going to peak when she needs to! Time is on her side, she has nothing to prove anymore and she has been in this position before, managing a comeback.


Suddenly, artistic gymnastics becomes more interesting with Aliya part of the equation. Let the show begin! 🙂

Photo: sportgymrus.ru


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