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Sandra Izbasa: ”I would like to compete first of all for myself…regardless the result”

Sandra Izbasa, our two-times Olympic champion, only did floor on Saturday, during the first competition day of the National Gymnastics Championship. She received the highest score in the competition (15.100), the same as Larisa Iordache. Sandra Izbasa, the floor Olympic

[2012 Romanian Juniors Nationals] Top 5 – Floor

1. Asiana Peng 2. Olivia Cimpian 3. Diana Teodoru 4. Diana Damian 5. Corina Gaianu Special mentions: Denisa Florea, Carmen Glavan and Stefania Carauleanu Anna

[Review] The 2013 – 2016 Code of Points in WAG

“An artistic performance is one in which the gymnast demonstrates her ability to transform the exercise from a well constructed composition into a performance. In so doing the gymnast must demonstrate creativity, confidence of performance, personal style and perfect technique.

Tango Amore by Sandra Izbasa

Tango Amore by Edvin Marton is Sandra Izbasa`s music choice for her new floor routine. The 2008 Olympic Champion can`t wait to present her new floor at the European Championship and Octavian Bellu thinks this floor has all the chances

Romanian floor routines – my top 3

Enjoy! Which are your favourite Romanian floor routines? Mikeyy