5 things we learned at the 2014 Romanian Nationals

Podium Ceremony – Balance Beam  (c)RomGym.ro

1) There is  hope on the men’s side, but Rio 2016 still seems to be an impossible mission for the team coordinated by Ioan Suciu. Anyway, things are looking a little bit better, thanks to Andrei Muntean who appears to become a strong all arounder and also a specialist on vault, floor, parallel bars and rings. Not to forget Marius Berbecar (two time World finalist at last year’s Worlds), Cristian Bataga (a great team player and a consistent gymnast), Daniel Radeanu (great on floor and vault, but at the moment  coming back after he tore his Achilles last year) and Vlad Cotuna (also coming back after a knee injury he sustained earlier this year, just before the European Championship). As well in the mix: Andrei Ursache or Laurentiu Nistor.

2) Tsukahara themed floor routine. The Romanian star, Larisa Iordache, raised the bar and delivered a gorgeous performance, packed with not less than three tsukahara type saltos: double twisting double tuck, full twisting double tuck and a full twisting double pike. Not to mention the artistic part: a quad turn and a newly added Memmel turn. Nanning, prepare yourself for an amazing floor final! Larisa will be there for a win!

3) Consistency makes the difference. Finally, Andreea Iridon hit her bars routine  and not only once, but twice! That is what I am talking about. Let’s make a habit out of it, from now on, cause we really need to see that routine up in the rankings next year.

4) That’s my beamer – Martha Karolyi told Aly Raisman back in the day, during a National competition. Well, Andreea Munteanu is definitely the beamer Martha would die for at the moment, am I right? Amazing routine, beautiful lines and a clean execution – these are Andreea’s strengths on balance beam. The only thing that is missing?  Probably a world medal to wrap everything up! It will be hard, but never say never. Go get it, Andre!

Rumour has it… that Forminte could be back in the mix. First step – the junior team in Deva. When? Why? How come? Under which circumstances? My thoughts exactly….we shall see!

For other highlights of the competition, please check the Puzzle article here.

Videos – thanks to Romanian Gymnast


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  2. DisgustedWithIgnoramii says:

    Worlds are in Nanning, not Nanjing–two completely different cities (not alternate spellings for the same city, as many seem to believe).

  3. fangymnastics says:

    Ups, thanks! 🙂 The Youth Games were in Nanjing. I will fix it.

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