5 facts why Mustafina missing this year’s Worlds is quite a thing

Lately, there were several rumors regarding Aliya Mustafina, if she is going to attend this year’s Worlds or not. Eventually, Valentina Rodionenko and later Mustafina herself confirmed that she will not be a part of the Russian World team. The news took the entire gymternet by storm. Some back pains/problems had been cited as the official reason why she has to pull this off.

What does this mean and why is her absence important or even a loss? Read as it follows:

  1. Mustafina is one of the most accomplished and respected gymnasts of the last half of decade.
  2. A fierce competitor with a tremendous personality, like no one other. I would classify her in the same league as Catalina Ponor, in terms of ambition and ability to overcome everything that stands in her way.
  3. Without her, the Russian team will compete without a leader. It’s almost impossible for someone to take her place and I am not talking only about scores. Her presence weights much more than that. She is some sort of a binder between all the Russian girls. At least, that’s my feeling.
  4. Besides the routines, there’s the whole vibe around her; you cannot miss Mustafina when she is at the arena: competing, cheering for others, praying, her reaction when she is taken by surprise by her own results, throwing “scary” looks to others and last but not least, her victory smile.
  5. The last one is not quite a fact, but a 0.000001% hope she will be in Glasgow, eventually. It’s not impossible; she is capable of such surprises. 🙂 Don’t forget we are talking about Mustafina, or how to expect the unexpected! Best wishes to her, though!

Photo source: Rewriting Russian Gymnastics (Facebook)


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