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10 Reasons Why To Love Larisa after Nanning

The World Gymnastics Championships just ended in Nanning and all I can say is this: “We are so lucky to live in Larisa Iordache’s era!” I feel like when my parents had the opportunity to watch Nadia, except that now

Things I have learned at the 2014 Worlds (2)

#2 – don’t be sure of your medal, Mustafina is yet to compete Ooops, I did it again! I am pretty sure Aly Raisman and Vanessa Ferrari know what is like to compete against Mustafina and her charm, or should

Things I have learned at the 2014 Worlds (1)

#1 – The fighting spirit of the Romanian team, no matter what happens. I think we already should have learned this, but its never too late, right? Never, but never count Romania out in a competition. After the nightmare they

Mondiale 2014: calificari baieti – rezultate finale

Finalele mondiale ale anului 2014 in gimnastica masculina au fost stabilite. Avem numele celor 8 tari, celor 24 de gimnasti de la individual compus si a celor 8 finalisti de la fiecare aparat in parte. Competitia baietilor ne-a demonstrat inca

[Mondiale 2014] Echipa masculina a Romaniei fata in fata cu testul calificarilor

(c) Federatia Romana de Gimnastica – link In mai putin de o ora, echipa masculina a Romaniei va debuta oficial la Mondialele de la Nanning. Marius Berbecar, Andrei Muntean, Cristian Bataga, Daniel Radeanu, Andrei Ursache si Laurentiu Nistor vor incerca

Mondiale 2014: calificari baieti – ziua 1

Prima zi a Campionatelor Mondiale de la Nanning, cea dedicata primelor 5 subdiviziuni de calificare ale baietilor, a adus si primele rezultate, mai mult sau mai putin surprinzatoare. Maestra de ceremonii a fost echipa Braziliei. Cu o schimbare de ultim