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[2012 Romanian Juniors Nationals] Top 5 – Uneven Bars

1. Andreea Iridon 2. Emanuela Parva 3. Anda Butuc 4. Roberta Plesa 5. Paula Tudorache Special Mentions: Iuliana Milea, Andra Stoica, Corina Gaianu and Andra Rusu Anna

[2012 Romanian Juniors Nationals] Top 5 – All Around

Yes, we know it’s been quite a while since the Romanian Juniors Nationals have ended, but we think it’s never too late to watch some nice gymnastics videos, right? Our friend Anna attended the competition and now she wants to

The 2011 Romanian Nationals @ The Medal Factory Ep.14

[The Medal Factory Episode 14 – part 1 & part 2 – (c)DigiSport] TRANSLATION Catalina Ponor: “We are a stronger team every day and I hope it can go back to where it was before, up there on the podium

2010 Romanian Nationals: The champions from EF are…..

WAG Vault: Sandra Izbasa; Uneven Bars: Amelia Racea; Balance Beam: Ana Porgras Floor: Sandra Izbasa MAG Vault: Flavius Koczi P-barrs: Marius Berbecar High Bar: Andrei Muntean Floor: Flavius Koczi Pommel Horse: Flavius Koczi Rings: Robert Stanescu In the junior meeting,

Ana Porgras – the 2010 National Champion

Results AA: Ana Porgras: 57.800 (VT: 13.800; UB: 14.700; BB: 15.800; FX: 13.500); Diana Chelaru: 56.700 (VT: 14.600; UB: 13.500; BB: 14.000; FX: 14.600); Amelia Racea: 56.650 (VT: 13.700; UB: 14.700; BB: 14.500; FX: 13.750); Cerasela Patrascu: 56.450 (VT:13.750; UB:

Flavius Koczi – the 2010 All Around National Champion

Few moments ago, the first day of the Romanian Nationals ended. In the men`s competition, Flavius Koczi won the all around gold medal after a faultless perfomance. The silver medal went to Marius Berbecar, who had 2 great routines on