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5 things we learned at the 2014 Romanian Nationals

Podium Ceremony – Balance Beam  (c)RomGym.ro 1) There is  hope on the men’s side, but Rio 2016 still seems to be an impossible mission for the team coordinated by Ioan Suciu. Anyway, things are looking a little bit better, thanks to Andrei

#VintaGymnastics – Anca Grigoras

(c) UEG.org The current WAG technical director in the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, Anca Grigoras, was renowned for her long lines, grace and beam presentation. So, for your eyes only, enjoy two of the most vintage-est beam routines: Resources: wiki page

Sandra Izbasa: ”I would like to compete first of all for myself…regardless the result”

Sandra Izbasa, our two-times Olympic champion, only did floor on Saturday, during the first competition day of the National Gymnastics Championship. She received the highest score in the competition (15.100), the same as Larisa Iordache. Sandra Izbasa, the floor Olympic

2013 Romanian Gymnastics News #1

Larisa Iordache @ 2012 American Cup According to the Romanian Gymnastics Federation, Larisa Iordache will be competing at the 2013 American Cup. The official roster published few days ago raised some doubts on the gymternet regarding Larisa’s chances of competing

Octavian Bellu: “The ones who wish to get to Rio, should think that Rio will be tomorrow”

There’s no time for Holidays. The Romanian WAG team geared up its engines right from the start of the year, organizing a camp to complete the Olympic Team. For about 2 weeks, 20 junior gymnasts, eligible for the 2016 Rio

[2012 Romanian Juniors Nationals] Top 5 – Floor

1. Asiana Peng 2. Olivia Cimpian 3. Diana Teodoru 4. Diana Damian 5. Corina Gaianu Special mentions: Denisa Florea, Carmen Glavan and Stefania Carauleanu Anna