Happy birthday, Fangymnastics!!!!!

July 9th is a very special day for the Fangymnastics team, as on this day our blog becomes 1 year old. It has been a year full of accomplishments, hard work, satisfactions. We had the chance to know each other better every day, to be a real team and develop our friendship. We were also lucky enough to have good friends who helped us with information during the National competitions.

As we wrote in the beginning on the “About us” page, we started feeling like a team during the Romanian Nationals last year, when we decided to start off with this blog. It was a great challenge because of the distance, as we are from three different places in Romania and even from abroad (one of us lives in the Netherlands)…but in the end, the distance only became an insignificant issue to be dealt with in this great project that we are so proud of.

At this exact time last year, we would have never imagined the impact our blog will have on the gymnastics fans all over the world. Moreover, we would have never imagined the fact that our blog would be able to compete with other sport blogs on a national competition (Roblogfest). We then finished on 4th place at the category of “Best sport blog” despite the fact that the majority of our competitors were writing about football, the far most popular sport in Romania.

We would like to thank to our readers for choosing this blog, for reading us and letting us know what they think. We would also like to thank again the ones who voted us for the Roblogfest competition. But very special thanks go to our friends Tess, Mia, Auri, Amalia, Mona, Catalin, Mihaela, Alice, Andra, Deni, and Ramona, who helped us follow the various National Championships during this full year. Tess also had the kindness to share with us her impressions on the DCMT Cup 2009 in Deva. Thanks to the gymnasts and the gymnasts’ parents or coaches who found the time to read us once in a while! We hope we could bring a little more focus on the Romanian gymnastics and also some extra information for fans of Romanian gymnastics from all over the world.

We would also like to thank to all the blogs and sites which have cited our articles during this year and used the information that we’ve given here:

From the Romanian media we would like to address special thanks to Prosport for the always up-to-date articles about our gymnasts and to TVR, for broadcasting all the important competitions, including the Romanian Nationals and Internationals.


The Fangymnastics team


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  1. gymnicetic says:

    Happy Birthday!! 😉

  2. fangymnastics says:

    Thank you 🙂

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