Romanian teams qualified for the Olympic finals

The qualification competition for both men and women took place last weekend in the impressive National Indoor Stadium in Beijing. Both our MAG and WAG teams succeeded to qualify for the team finals taking place this week. Giving the high level of the competition and some mistakes of our athletes, both qualification rounds were pretty tough for the Romanian teams, which need to be much more focused and to practically aim at perfection during the finals in order to be able to win a medal. We trust that they can do that and we would like to cross our fingers and wish them A LOT OF SUCCESS! 


The results of the qualifications were:



MAG (12nd August)

1. China 374.675p  2. Japan 369.550p  3. Russia  366.225p  4. Korea  365.675p 5. Germany 365.675p  6. United States  365.200p 7. France  361.200p  8. Romania 359.350p


WAG (13th August)

1. China (248.275p), 2. United States (246.800p), 3. Russia (244.400p), 4. Romania (238.425p), 5. Australia (235.450p), 6. France (233.875p), 7. Brazil (233.800p), 8. Japan (233.175p)



MAG (14th August): Flavius Koczi 90,125p (15th)

WAG (15th August): Steliana Nistor 60.500p (7th) and Sandra Izbasa 59.375p (9th)


Event finals:

MAG: FX (17th August) – Marian Dragulescu 15.925p (2nd); VT (18th August) – Marian Dragulescu 16.762p (1st) and Flavius Koczi 16.587p (3rd); SR (18th August) – Robert Stanescu 15.750p (8th)

WAG:  FX (17th August) – Sandra Izbasa 15.475p (2nd); UB (18th August) Steliana Nistor – 15.975p (4th); BB (19th August) Gabriela Dragoi – 15.450p (7th)




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  1. Shanghai chic says:

    Dear Robert,

    I saw you on TV in Olympic competition. I and my sister were very impressed by your appearence and your determinations:-)

    I am currently working in Bucharest, I will be most interested in meeting you when you return from Beijing.

    Let me know if this is possible.

    P.S. I do not speak Romanian but my sister is Romanian:-)

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