The daughter of the multiple European, World and Olympic champion, Lavinia Milosovici, passed away this morning. Born prematurely, in March 2004, little Denisa Florentina was suffering of a very serious nervous system disorder, which was not allowing her to develop normally. She had a very complicated surgery in Beijing last year and afterwards it looked like the things were going on the right track. After coming back from China, the Romanian TV channel Acasa TV made a documentary describing the situation of Lavinia Milosovici and her daughter. This documentary was filmed at our champion’s home in Timisoara and you can see it here.

About a week ago Lavinia had an intervention via the phone during the TV-show “Ten for the score of 10” (dedicated to the Romanian gymnastics champions throughout the years) and then she apologized for not attending because she needed to be with her little girl. She seemed very sad and now, less than a week later, Denisa passed away…

UPDATE October 14:
Denisa Florentina’s funeral ceremony took place in Timisoara today. Lavinia’s former teammates and coaches were also present, and even normal people came, who knew Lavinia only from TV and who wanted to be there during these moments of deep sadness. Here you can watch a reportage presented during the news program by the Romanian TV channel Prima TV.

Rest In Peace…


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