Dana Andrei – revelation of the year

From TVSat:

Dana Andrei, from Buzau, has very big chances of getting a spot on the national gymnastics team, which will compete at the World Championships in October in Rotterdam. The coach who prepared her at the Buzau School Sports Club, Constantin Clinciu, said that the excellent results which this gymnast has obtained at international competitions are showing that she is hoping to get a medal at the upcoming World Champs in Holland .

Dana Andrei is training very hard at Izvorani, together with the national gymnastics team. Together with Dana, at the camp near Bucharest, there is another gymnast who comes from Buzau, Gabriela Dragoi. Both of them are all hardworking in training, in order to convince their coaches Octavian Belu and Mariana Bitang to keep them in the team, who will compete at Worlds next month.

Dana Andrei

The coach who prepared these two gymnast, Constantin Clinciu,  sais that Dana Andrei amazed the national team coaches through her excellent evolutions at various international competitions. These results are helping Dana hope that she will make the team which will go to Rotterdam. Constantin Clinciu says that not only Dana Andrei has a chance to participate with the team at worlds, but also Gabriela Dragoi. Bronze medallist with the team at the Olympic Games in 2008, Gabi Dragoi must compete well on 3 piece of apparatus, in order for her to be on the team.

The national gymnastics team will compete in October at the World Championships which will take place in Rotterdam. Until then, the girls will compete at a couple of more competitions. The first one will take place in Ghent, after which the national championships will take place. Before going to Holland, the gymnasts will also compete at a meet with Switzerland and Germany.



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