An interview with Mariana Bitang @ Prosport

From Prosport:

“No holiday” is the main statement you hear in Romanian gymnastics. At nearly the ending of the year, the technical staff of the women’s national gymnastics team presented to the Technical Committee of COSR their plans for the pre-Olympic year. Coach Mariana Bitang talked about challenging plans, but also about the motivation in training.

What does the plan contain?

It is a preparation plan, but in more detail about what we follow. Nobody tells their preparation plans, it is a situation which is up to the team. There will be more accent put on the increase in value of the exercises, on the difficulty.

Any health problems?

All the girls are working hard, the only problem we have is Diana Bulimar, who suffered an Arthroscopy on her injured knee. She is fine now and we are awaiting her to come back.

How do you feel about the girls after the world championships?

It’s not important how we feel about them, but what they want. The girls seemed quite motivated, wanting to work hard and right now I just hope this state lasts.

How many juniors joined the National team?

There are six girls who will have the right age to compete in London 2012, some will have the appropriate age next year, and others in the Olympic year.

Are all the girls from the Beijing generation continuing?

Cerasela Patrascu and Anamaria Tamirjan retired. Patrascu earlier had the wish to stop training and nobody is forcing anyone to do gymnastics.

Tamirjan return to the team…

Ana had an older problem to her back and we decided together with her parents (after a MRI), not to force her.

How do you see Sandra’s wish to continue?

It’s an impulse for the girls. Sandra is also motivated about her team-mates’ improvements, she is improving her routines a lot, she is at a mature age where she knows that she can pick up the work from the last few years.

How do you describe these 6 months which passed since you came back to the team?

It was a delicate period, because we needed time to get to know each other very well, then there was recuperation time, learning new skills, it wasn’t easy. Right now we know each other and are on the same page and speak the same language.



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  2. LaVoix says:

    It is so sad Cerasela retired, she was such a talented gymnast 🙁

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