[Montage] The new CV on uneven bars under the 2013 – 2016 Code

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Beth Tweddle announced her retirement after the 2012 London Olympics, but it looks like the new code connection value formulas were inspired by her bars routines. From now on the only way you can get the maximum CV (well, actually there is still another way but with not so many options: D flight + C high bar) is connecting two flight elements/releases. Will this be the new trend for the next Olympic cycle? It could be, taking into consideration that many gymnasts have already started preparing their routines based on the new regulations. An example is the Russian Maria Paseka, who recently has been seen training a new combination (Markelov + Gienger salto).

While Russians may have to readjust because their 0.2 bonuses were coming mainly from D +E connections of 1/1 turns and flight elements that will only be credited 0.1 p under the new CoP, the most affected will probably be the Chinese who used to gain big bonuses from one-arm pirouettes combinations.

(Beth Tweddle on bars – source: BBC)

Of course the expected slight decrease in D scores will affect more or less all gymnasts -even Tweedle, if she were to continue, would lose 0.1 D score for her Olympic routine-and most probably these changes will not affect the uneven bars standings between nations but may make a difference to the overall standings in team or all-around competitions.

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