Larisa Iordache and Andrei Muntean dominated while the Romanian teams came in 2nd

First of all, I would like to thank The Couch Gymnast for their amazing work: real time information, results and priceless videos. Please check their Facebook page | Website.

The Nanning World Championships are just around the corner and everyone is working hard on their final routines. The friendly meet from Switzerland was the final official test of the Romanian teams before Worlds and some conclusion can be drawn.

It’s been a while since men left a better impression than women. But it’s also true that the conditions are a little bit (or more) different. The men’s field at a World Championship is much more competitive and deep than on the women’s side, but things are going to get more even in the following years, that’s my bet. In Switzerland the MAG team had a great competition for its standards. A performance with some ups and downs, but good otherwise. It should be appreciated!

Larisa Iordache is definitely a superstar, one of a kind. I don’t even dare to imagine how much pressure is she going to handle in Nanning, but I really hope luck will be on her side this time. She deserves to shine, to be there on the top of the podium. One of the best all arounders Romania has had in the last 15 years. Not to mention she is a great human being, a beautiful personality! My only concern – her bars. I really hope she will connect everything she worked on because every tenth of a point will be crucial at Worlds. She really needs the routine I have seen her doing in the warm-ups at Nationals. Everything connected and nicely done – WATCH it here. Come on, Lari!

Romania is in danger on bars. Only Larisa has a World-worthy routine. It is sad seeing we are not even capable to meet all the Code’s requirements. I am talking here about the dismounts. Also it is hard to think we are going to have an ace under our sleeve at Worlds. But who knows? I still have some faith left! My only wish: clean routines, no falls or other major mistakes. Otherwise, on a 5-4 system we are close to a knockout on bars in qualification. In the final it would be different, not easier, but we are going to breathe, at least…somehow.

Andrei Muntean topped the AA rankings. Another great effort for the Romanian champion, especially taking into consideration he beat Fabian Hambuechen (the German had a rough competition though). In terms of results he was in the same range as at Nationals. That means only one thing – his routines are well received by judges. Solid performances on rings, p-bars, vault and floor. The only downfall came on pommel horse, really hope he will manage that better at Worlds.


The teams representing Romania in Nannig are quite predictable, even though an official statement has not yet been released.

Women: Larisa Iordache, Andreea Munteanu, Stefania Stanila, Ana Maria Ocolisan, Paula Tudorache and Silvia Zarzu.

Men: Andrei Muntean, Marius Berbecar, Cristian Bataga, Daniel Radeanu, Andrei Ursache and someone between Laurentiu Nistor and Vlad Cotuna. The final spot will be decided depending on Cotuna’s shape. He injured his knee back in April, underwent surgery, but he may be an asset especially on high bar. Last week he won the National title on this event. He did not compete in Switzerland, maybe because they don’t want to force him and let him prepare for Worlds.

Photos: DTB on Facebook


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