Things I have learned at the 2014 Worlds (2)

#2 – don’t be sure of your medal, Mustafina is yet to compete

Ooops, I did it again!

I am pretty sure Aly Raisman and Vanessa Ferrari know what is like to compete against Mustafina and her charm, or should I say luck? Mustafina stroke again in Nanning. Not only she won a medal without fulfilling the acrobatic requirement on beam, but she also got a surprisingly bronze medal on floor. Her reaction to the result was priceless, but also funny. I really enjoyed it and was happy for her. On the other hand we saw Skinner shedding tears, just a few moments after she was all smiles at the end of her routine. ┬áDid she think her medal is a lock? Who knows….

The battle for bronze was also a battle between the acrobatic part (Skinner and her layout double-double) and the artistic one (Mustafina and her pirouettes, especially her triple turn with leg up). The artistic routine won the battle, which is not bad I would say.

See you tomorrow. The 3rd thing I learned at Worlds is about a legend.

Photo source: Rewriting Russian Gymnastics (Facebook)


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