#Glasgow2015 – Surfing on the Gymternet – Podium Training Day 1

Every tweet or instagram photo may tell a story. And trust me, the gymternet is a great source of these kind of great and funny moments. Following the official hashtag of this year’s Worlds, #Glasgow2015, we have tried to bring together some of the highlights of the 1st day of  competition in Glasgow. Our selections as it follows.


  • Without any doubt the qoute of the day – “Let’s BE Romania!”

  • Age is just a number. Chuso’s gymnastics is already timeless.


  • Long day at the office today. Thanks #TeamCoffee for all the updates!

  • The highlight of the day –  a moody lightbulb which drew all the attention

  • As in the last few years the United States are in their own league

  • Who will USA leave out? Probably the results would be the same, no matter what.

  • So many shoes … a woman would almost be jealous

  • Walk of Champions… who will be next? Let’s cross fingers for our favorite 🙂




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