5 things about the 2015 Romanian Nationals

1.Denisa Golgota was definitely one of the nicest surprises of this year’s Romanian Nationals. The 2002 born junior won the vault final with style, showing great potential on this event. Even Mariana Bitang said that she would be capable of much more than that, talking about an Amanar or  a triple twisting Yurchenko. But what makes Golgota more special is her personality. I sense there a mix between Mustafina and Nabieva, in terms of body language, but other saw in her some traces of our great Milosovici. Definitely, she’s a star in the making. Remember her name!

2.Without a doubt, Diana Bulimar is like a Phoenix bird, as Cristina said here. Few weeks ago she was walking around the gym using crutches and now she is back on all four events, looking amazing. Yes, she still has to work on some details and especially on her consistency, but otherwise my hat is off to her. Inspirational comeback, I might say.

3.Marian Dragulescu is back, winning medals and taking selfies on the podium. 🙂 Probably that is his winning recipe: talent + hard work + having fun. He was in a great mood and shape at Nationals and he will definitely be an important asset in Glasgow. Vault and floor are still his main weapons and medal opportunities.

4.Larisa Iordache is the same great champion, amazing gymnast and dynamic personality. You could feel how much she wanted to compete, to perform and to enjoy her moment. Even though she missed the first half of the year, because of some health issues, now she is back and eager not to miss some new World medals in Glasgow.

5.There were two gymnasts I really wanted to watch but they had to skip the competition. Catalina Ponor and Andreea Munteanu, the 2 beamers Romania would desperately need for the team competition in Glasgow … and no to forget their potential in winning even a World medal. Fingers crossed they will be healthy (the most important thing) and in a good shape for the upcoming World Championships.

Photo: Emilia Nicolae;
Video: TVR & PuzzleGym


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